The Hauntings

Never has there been a building so talked about as Leap Castle. It is well known for its reputation of being the world’s most haunted location. There are many factors that attribute to giving Leap its sinister reputation. Most of these factors revolve around decades of bloodshed and tragedy.

Blood has been spilled at Leap before the laying of the first stone of construction. Legend has it that two O’Bannon brothers were contesting the chieftainship of their clan. The O’Bannon clan were the secondary chieftains under the ruling of the O’Carroll clan. The only way to settle this argument was a display of strength and bravery. They were to both jump off the rocky outcrop where the castle was to be built. The survivor won the honour and right to be Chieftain.

The Castle is said to have been built on a druidic initiation site. The druids knew the area was dense in spiritual energy. Leap Castle is situated over the crossing of two Ley Lines. In these areas, the veneer between the physical and spirit realms is thinner and much more permeable. This permeability and natural energy allows entities to manifest much more readily than in a normal location. Any thought or action in these areas, whether positive or negative has a much stronger and more focused effect. In the case of Leap Castle decades of compounded suffering, negativity and strong emotional experiences have left a marked effect on the atmosphere in and around the Castle.
The O’Carrolls were an extremely vicious and hostile clan. Their lust for power consumed them, happily killing anyone who stood in their way; including their own family. Many of the unfortunate victims of the O’Carrolls still roam the halls and corridors of Leap.

Mildred Darby tells of “noises like furniture being moved were frequently heard at night, and strangers staying with us have often asked why the servants turned out the rooms underneath them at such an unusual hour The front-door bell sometimes rang, and I have gone down, but found no one.”

Sean Ryan has heard chanting coming from outside the castle and has had his name being called.

Peter Gerrard owned the castle for a few years before Peter Bartlett. His mother had been a friend of Cicely O’Carroll-Darby, and had been invited to spend a night at the castle for a dance. She didn’t sleep well and continually felt that someone or something was hovering over the end of her bed.

Both Sean Ryan and the previous owner before him Peter Bartlett have experienced bizarre poltergeist activity during their restoration efforts.
Peter Bartlett was not specific but mentions to a friend the incredible amount of poltergeist activity that occurred during his time spent undergoing the restorations.
Sean Ryan has spoken about his tools getting moved to the far corners of the room when his back was turned. A carpenter employed by Sean left suddenly and didn’t come back, never giving a reason to his departure.
Sean’s restoration effort was suddenly stopped when the ladder he was working from was pushed away from the wall forcing him to jump several stories, fracturing his knee. Upon resuming work, another accident resulted in a broken ankle.

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  • Blánaid Aughney:

    I am a child of a spiritual existence, still learning and also still living with some very special people even tough they have passed over- many years before now. Leap Castle is an entity I feel I will have to embrace, after all- it takes one to know one. A reply would be appreciated, is mise, Blánaid Ní Fhachtna

  • leapcast:

    Yes, Leap Castle is an amazingly powerful site.
    There is many levels to the spirit activity that occurs there.
    The spirits are from many different time periods and have vastly differing circumstances around their deaths. Some less pleasant than others.
    Some of the entities are welcoming but some are very protective of their home and wary of newcomers.
    Some people feel very comfortable when visiting Leap and some people cannot wait to leave.

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  • Bill:

    Hello, my family and I recently visited Leap Castle on our vacation to Ireland. It was one of the most interesting stops we made on our trip. While there, my wife took several pictures of a portrait of Teige O’Carroll that was hanging in the upstairs room. However, there is a strange smoky effect in each one. Would it be possible for someone affiliated with Leap to take a shot of this portrait and send it to me so we can compare and attempt to explain what happened? It’s a smaller portrait clearly highlighting Teige’s missing eye. I can provide additional details, if necessary.

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