The Governess & the Old Man

The governess or Nanny is more frequently seen in the main hall and often seen with the two girls Emily and Charlotte. It appears that visitors at Leap seem to have more interaction than the current owners. Guests have reported being touched or having someone brush past them. A friend of Sean Ryan was having lunch at Leap Castle one day and both him another female guest sitting near the fire saw a proud lady in Victorian attire wall diagonally across the main hall. After discussing what they both saw, the previously sceptical neighbour has changed his thoughts.

An old man has been seen numerous times sitting peacefully by the fire in the main hall.

As described by Mildred Darby:
There is a little old man, with a green cut-away coat, knee breeches, and bright shoe buckles, holding a leathern bag in his hand. Sometimes seen with a little old woman with skinny hands, long black mits, old fashioned dress and a big head-dress. Both are sometimes seen with an old man dressed like a priest, with an intensely cunning face. The green old man tries to stop people.

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  • Danielle:

    hi my name is danielle im 10 i will be going to th castle soon i was woderring how does her stop people stop people from what?

  • paddy:

    i was ere yesterday and i thought it was epic it made me believe in ghosts after Emily and Charlotte so come and have look around oh and i live near it and i 12 year old d,thanks

  • ava:

    where is this castle it sounds really interesting

  • Lana:

    I’m 11 and my ancestors were irish and used to own a castle. so i obviously wanted to check and see if THIS castle was the castle they owned. Its not, but i am fascinated with the hauntings.

  • Humston family:

    I have been in the castle and it was amazing. Both my dad and I had experiences. We were coming down from the chapel on the top my dad was pretty far ahead of my mom and I. When we reached the great room my dad was waiting for my mom and I and Sean the owner. When we arrived my dad asked Sean if anyone else was home. Sean replied no. As my dad was almost at the bottom of the stairs he heard someone push in a chair and walk away. As he was telling us I had the feeling of someone brush past behind me. I was 16 when that happened and am now 30. It was an amazing experience I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to return.

  • leapcast:

    That sounds amazing!
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Dana Laws:

    I really want to visit this castle. What happened to the old man? and why does he try and stop people from entering?

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