The Murder Hole Room

Also referred to as the Muckle Hole room, various experiences have been reported in the time of the Darbys residency. Unfortunately it is not known where this room was located. The two possibilities of the room’s location are either the North or South Wings; Blue and Red rooms respectively. One argument for the South Wing is that the south side of the tower, the original entrance features a machicolation. Theoretically a murder hole in the traditional sense may have been situated in this area of the castle guarding the main entrance. Building of the gothic wings forced the removal of sections of the North and South walls, possibly destroying this structure.
Alternatively, the murder hole room may have been situated on the Northern or Blue wing. Looking at the layout, the northern rooms are under the oubliette located on the next floor up. The oubliette could have quite easily been referred to as a murder hole. This also ties into the spirit of the murdered O’Carroll priest and the account below.
Mildred Darby retells her experience in the Murder Hole Room in her article Kilman Castle: The House of Horror.
“I put my hand out of bed, snapping my fingers to call her Nell, (a terrier). My hand was suddenly in the grasp of another hand, a soft, cool hand, at a temperature perceptibly below my own flesh. To say I was astonished would but mildly convey my feelings! After a few seconds of steady pressure the other hand let go, and almost simultaneously I heard a heavy sliding fall, like the collapse of a large body at the foot of the bed. Then in the absolute stillness of the room there sounded a deep human groan, and some half-articulated words, or to be accurate, prayers.” “People have complained before-in fact; we don’t generally put any one there now. The room is called the Muckle or Murder Hole Room, and the story goes that the stain on the floor is the blood of a man stabbed there by his brother. Two O’Carrolls quarrelled over the ownership of the castle. The room had been disused for 50 years or more when we did it up. The stain has been planed off the boards several times, but it always comes again-creeps up from below in a few hours”.

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  • Steph:

    Could she possibly be talking about the Chapel? Would it have been used as a bedroom at any point? I really like this site. Keep up the good work.

  • leapcast:

    That is a possibility. The chapel was never used during Mildred’s time at Leap. The spiral stairwell was bricked up at the ground level making access difficult. When the Bloody Chapel was discovered the room was not renovated so as to retain a piece of the savage past. It was only visited during times of reflection or perhaps to show guests. Mildred had mentioned that it was full of old mirrors, possibly in storage.

  • so scarrrrrrrrry

  • Gina H.:

    I saw this castle on Ghost Hunter’s last night. It was very interesting and is a must see the next time i’m in Ireland! Really enjoy this site and all the informatin and history behind the house.

  • My family and I visited leap castle two years ago while in Ireland. My decendents were the O’Carrolls who came to America in the 1840’s during the Great Potato Famine. My grandfather was Thomas W. O’Carroll.
    Although my decendents once owned Leap Castle, I must say it’s quite an ominous looking dwelling. We were not fortunate enough to get to tour the castle of my ancestors while there, but are planning another trip to Ireland next year, and hope to be able to tour it then!

  • Noel:

    Hello ,
    Who were the oreginal residents of the Castle and where is the history of all that was supposed to have gone on there?
    how much of the legend is fokelore
    Many thanks

  • Dana Laws:

    I would love to tour this castle. Just to stand where all those people stood a lifetime ago..thrilling.

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