Emily & Charlotte

Two young girls have also been seen at Leap Castle. They are mainly seen playing in the main hall and running up the stairwell. They are believed to have lived at the castle during the 1600’s.
Emily died aged 11 after falling from the castle’s south-eastern battlements. People outside the castle have reported seeing a girl falling off the castle roof and disappearing before hitting the ground.
Charlotte has been seen with a deformed leg that drags backwards behind her.
Mildred Darby has also seen a young girl at Leap Castle and her encounter is as follows:
Another night I was sleeping with my little girl. I awoke, and saw a girl with long, fair hair standing at the fireplace, one hand at her side, the other on the chimney-piece. Thinking at first it was my little girl, I felt on the pillow to see if she were gone, but she was fast asleep. There was no fire or light of any kind in the room.

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  • chloe:

    I’ve been trying to find out more about these girls,why is it so hard!?

  • leapcast:

    Chloe, it is most frustrating trying to source information on the spirits of Leap!
    Over the years I have obtained the majority of books published with any reference to spirit encounters at Leap Castle and posted them on this site for like minded individuals hungry for knowledge!
    Ciara has seen the girls running up the stairwell on several occasions when they first moved in.

    Any additional information would be great!

  • sarah:

    i was wondering, does you guys know why charlotte died?

  • Sophie:

    When i went to visit Leap two day’s ago I felt somthing strange, I was sitting on a chair in the ground floor sitting around the fire and I could hear peeble’s droping behind me and beside me and I had never known about the huanting’s in the Castle I had only known about the History and I was only there for the History and when I heard the peeble’s a girl came into mind so I asked Sean about it and he told me only for he told me I wouldn’t have known anything about the haunting’s of Leap

  • We investigate 31th August 2014..
    Here are the results and documentation about the investigation:

  • Tiff:

    I was wondering how Charlotte got her deformed leg. Was she born with it or did you fall off of the battlements, trying to save her sister, Emily?

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