The Murdered Woman

A woman has been seen and heard since the time of the Darby’s residence. She is believed to have been murdered by an O’Carroll. Mildred Darby describes her in her aticle submitted to  the Occult Review.
There is a woman with very few clothes, and a red cloth over her face, she screams loudly twice and disappears.

Mildred Darby describes a similar spirit in the book ‘True Irish Ghost Stories’ – St. John D. Seymour.
One night I was sitting talking with my governess, I got up, said good-night, and opened the door, which was on the top of the back staircase. As I did so, I heard someone (a woman) come slowly upstairs, walk past us to a window at the end of the landing, and then with a shriek fall heavily. As she passed it was bitterly cold, and I drew back into the room, but did not say anything, as it might frighten the governess.
There is a reinactment of the two O’Carroll brothers fighting over a lover. She was chased along the gallery and then stabbed. They all disappear and the entire Keep is lighted up.

Sean Ryan, the present owner has also heard a woman screaming.

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  • Dana d Laws:

    Why did they stab her? Was it a “If I can’t have her, then nobody else can” type of thing?

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