The Red Lady

One of the spirits encountered from the time of the Darbys is known as The Red Lady. She has been described as a very tall woman clothed in a red dress. She has been seen carrying a dagger in her hand, raised in a menacing manner. A strange luminescence is seen radiating within her. People encountering this spirit have commented on an immense cold filling the room and permeating into their heart. It is thought that the woman was captured by an O’Carroll and subsequently raped. The baby born as a result was then killed by the O’Carroll, reasoning that they could not afford to feed the child. Distraught, the woman then killed herself with the same blade.
A guest of the Darbys submitted their account to The Occult Review:
On the 31st of October I went to my bedroom about 11pm………………During the night, the time was 12.45am, as I subsequently saw by my watch, I felt that I was awakened by somebody in my room. It was pitch dark and at first I could see nothing: I was wide awake with an extraordinary cold feeling at my heart that rapidly increased in intensity. Almost immediately I felt, as much as saw that there was a tall figure in the middle of the room. My first impression was that O’Connoll himself was there, as no other member of the household would correspond to the height. “What is it?” I asked. There was no answer, but now I could see, dimly at first and with increasing distinctness, that the tall figure was clothed from head to foot in red, and with its right hand raised menacingly in the air. To my utter astonishment I could see that the light which illuminated the figure was from within, having very much the effect of the dark lantern used in a photographer’s room. As the figure advanced towards me the light increased, and I could see distinctly that the form was that of a very tall woman holding some sort of a weapon, knife or dagger in her hand. “What is it?” I asked again, adding “Who is it?” and then hurriedly struck a match and lit my candle. As the flame of the match and candle illuminated the room I looked all around. The room was empty.Note that the name O’Connoll was used by the author of the letter, obviously to preserve the anonymity of the castle with Mildred Darby’s wishes.
Mildred Darby makes mention of this spirit in her article Kilman Castle: The House of Horror:
There is a tall, dark woman, in the historic scarlet silk dress that rustles. She haunts the blue room, which always used to be the nursery, and sobs at the foot of the children’s beds.

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  • Brigitte:

    that is scary

  • Misty:

    The woman had the knife in the Nursery room.
    This could mean that She killed the baby herself.
    For whatever reason, I don’t know. Scary and Sad.
    The part about them not able to feed the child
    sounds wrong to me. They apparently were a Wealthy family
    living in a Big Huge Castle! Surely they had plenty to
    feed a child. It don’t make sense.

  • Creepy! Any sort of knife freaks me out. I agree with Misty. They were definitely pretty rich. It doesn’t make sense.
    Besides,cold suddenly entering your heart?!! Freaky!

  • OMG! The O’Carrol Killed the kid?11

  • I’m sorry. i meant ?!! not ?11.

  • Kah Deh:

    Addressing what Misty said, it is entirely possible that the lady killed the baby herself, having felt deep sorrow and anger towards it as a result of the rape… which is rather common now a days even! So I wouldn’t be surprised if she had killed her own baby, and now perhaps regrets it thus she sobs at the foot of the children’s bed, resembling how she misses the kid. Oooooor, O’Carrol killed the baby, not because they had no money of course, but because his heartless self didn’t want anything to do with the baby. He might’ve only told the lady there was not enough money just to make her believe something other than his real intentions behind the murder of the little one. Anyhow! These spirits are in the same location, the lady holds a dagger and moves around in a threatening manner, almost seemingly to threat the guests themselves. But if O’Carrol’s spirit is in there too, then why doesn’t she go get him? It might seem irrelevant, being spirits they have no bodies to harm of each other, but still! Spirits still have energy that can convey great damages, perhaps the lady is out looking for him all around the huge castle, who knows!

  • I believe she killed her own baby. I keep getting the sense of her dabbling in the black arts. I believe she was one of the O’Carrols. I don’t know why I am getting the filling sense… I keep sensing her and the elemental are the one and same. I have had lots of dreams over the years. The main dream is this- I dream of two girls in long nightgowns. One has long dark hair with a ribbon in a Alice band way. The other girl has strawberry blonde hair. I believe this must have been in the early part of the 20th century. They are in the bedroom, asleep. But both are awoke to a crawling noise outside their door. Stops and they try to get back to sleep. In the darkness, a red light emanates from the bottom of the door and growling human-wise. The girls sit up in bed. The night lamps don’t work. The darker haired girl bravely gets out of bed and dashes to put on the main light switch. The other girl joins her. Then they open the door onto a corridor where at one end is a reddish mist. The mist takes solid form becoming the red lady. Very tall, black hair, the dagger has strange greenish light surrounding it. The lady smirks in a twisted manner and slowly comes closer. Then she loses shape, becoming mist once more. The mist solidifys becoming something that is bones and fur. It’s weird but it likes congealed mess of long hair and bones, no more than mid thigh length. The girls cover their lower faces, complaining of the smell of rotten eggs. They dash back into the bedroom, locking the door. For a hour the grunting, growling noise reside outside. Strangely towards the end that noise changes into a female laughter. Weird dream of mine. But I believe the red lady and the elemental are one and the same.

  • leapcast:

    Very interesting thoughts about the Elemental Deena. I also get the impression of a bestial energy emanating from the Elemental.
    My personal belief is that they are separate entities. The Elemental is a guardian spirit of the Castle and the Red Lady was an O’Carroll.

    Thanks for your great post!

  • Alastair:

    Visited y’day with my gf and while seeing nothing out of the ordinary indoors, I DID notice out of the corner of my eye a figure in the left archway as one looks towards the main building. It was a “blink and you’d miss it” moment. While I reckoned the colour was more orange than red, I’m now wondering if (other than a trick of the light) I saw this lady. No knife held up nor anything like that though that I could perceive. Completely possible it was my imagination, however I hadn’t been thinking of ghosts or similar at all. Side note, my phone battery drained VERY fast when indoors, but I’m 100% sure that was as a result of it continually trying to get a signal which is blocked due to the castle’s thick walls. Just a reminder that not everything strange which happens is in fact unexplainable!

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