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  • Irene:

    Hello Mr. Ryan,

    two friends of mine and myself would like to arrange a tour of Castle Leap. Could you please get in contact with me so that we can arrange the further details?
    I would really appreciate that, cause I’ve read already so many good reviews about your tour.
    Thank you a lot in advance! 🙂

  • Debbie Ebbitt:

    We will be visiting Ireland from the States in June. We would love to schedule a visit for the evening of June 20th if possible. We will be staying in Limerick and will need to drive to Roscrea. If you could let me know if you would be available to give us the Grand Tour, it would be greatly appreciaed!My 17 year old Daughter made sure that we scheduled our trip specifically to go to this side of the country so that she could go to your castle. otherwise, we would not even be on this side….so it is very special to her to see it!! 🙂 Also, what is the charge for the tour? and do you allow for us to bring refreshments to eat at the castle while we are there?

    thank you! We look forward to meeting you!
    (2 adults and 2 adult children ages 17 and 22)

  • hello.
    I’m maxim. I am the founder of an association of paranormal research in France. we are looking for haunted for the first season of our webserie places. Are you interested ?
    sorry for my language but I’m french

    Thank you for your attention

    Maxim Founder EVP

  • Jack:

    Good evening Mr. Ryan,
    Can I arrange a tour for two from this site? I’ll be staying in Kinnitty, May 15 or 16 would work well.

    Thank you,

  • BJ:

    Hi, I’m just looking for info as how to go about booking a tour for 2? Is it possible to book it for saturday 19th April? Would really love t do th etour from all I’ve heard about it 🙂

  • Edy:

    We will be visiting your castle July 28thish, can we tour it alone or do we need to make an. appt.
    Sheridan, Wy. USA

  • Hi,
    I am interested in visiting the castle in the next few weeks with a few friends. Do we need to book and can we arrange to stay the night in the castle? Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Mr Ryan,
    We have a group tour planned to Ireland from the US. We will have about 45 souls with us on a coach bus and would like to book a tour with you for the day we are in the area. Can you please contact me with info? Thank you kindly!
    Sherri Brake
    Haunted heartland Tours USA

  • Leon::

    i was wondering will it be possible to arrange a tour of the castle for the 21st of june.
    it will be for myself and my friend. can you please let me know if it okay to bring refreshments with us and how much the tour will cost


  • Megan:

    Hello Mr. Ryan,
    My husband and I are on our honeymoon here in Ireland and we are looking for a haunted castle to visit and we hear yours is the best. Im hoping to set up a tour for either June 13th or 14th. I apologize for the last minute notice but if you could fit us in, we would be thrilled. Thanks so much!


  • Jennifer Bentley:

    Dear Mr. Ryan

    We are bringing our family home for a visit at the end of July. Our 15 year old granddaughter has expressed an interest in visiting Leap Castle.

    We have a very busy itinerary but would love to visit the castle on Friday August 1 in the morning.

    Would you please advise us if this is convenient for you.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Mrs. J. Bentley

  • Dear Sean,

    I am a tour coordinator located in Minnesota, US. I have a group of 13 people + 1 driver guide who would like to visit on August 4th, 2014 at 14:00.

    Do you have availability for this group? Also, what is the entrance fee and a method of payment you accept?

    Thank you kindly,

    Marie Janezich

  • Jay:

    Hi Mr. Ryan,

    My girl friend and I want to make an arrangement to visit there someday June of 28th or 29th could work well.

    Thank you,


  • Rhonda Meyer:

    Hello from Missouri and California USA! My daughter and I are currently in Ireland, staying in Dublin. We tried to find Leap Castle yesterday as we were traveling near Rosecrea, but we were unable to locate you. We will be in Ireland through Thursday, July 24th, and would love to visit your storied castle. This was the first place my daughter mentioned visiting when we were making our plans! Would there be any chance that we would be able to arrange a tour? Thank you so much for maintaining such an historic site.

  • Celin:


    My boyfriend and I are traveling from America (originally for the Garth Brooks concert but now it looks as though we’ll just be touring Ireland) and would like a tour of your castle if you’re available. We will be in Ireland July 23-29. Would you be free to give a tour sometime in that date range? Also, what is the cost of tours? My coworker absolutely raged about how wonderful your castle is and how we just had to go there so we’re looking forward to the possibility!

    Thank you,

  • Mary:

    We are hoping to visit Leap Castle but the e mail address for Sean seems to be invalid. How can I arrange a visit? Thanking you in advance

  • Betty Hicks:

    Dear Mr. & Mrs. Ryan:
    My husband, a sister and her younger daughter and myself will be visiting Ireland landing 35 Sept. Will you be willing to let us tour your home the day/afternoon of the 25th? Please advise me of your response when you have the time. Thank you so much,
    B. Hicks

  • Sharon:

    Mr. Ryan,
    I would love to be able to visit Leap Castle on Thursday,August 28, while we are on our way to Dublin from Galway. Please let me know if you would be able to accommodate this visit. I have read quite a bit about Leap Castle and find it so fascinating. I would love to experience a visit with you at the Castle.
    Thanks you!

  • Annabella:

    Is there any Halloween tours of the castle? My family and I would love to come visit it on the midterm we have off. We’re down in Kilkenny.

  • David:

    Dear Mr. Ryan,

    I first heard about Leap Castle and your residence in the castle from the program hosted by Robert Hardy. I was very impressed by your determination to make Leap into a home, and I have on occasion wondered how you and your family were progressing. From some of the pictures at the website, it seems you have succeeded quite well. I hope that you would be able to share some of the stories at the website of how it is to make Leap into a home for your family.

    Best wishes,


  • Marianna:

    This is a belated note, but my husband and I would like to thank Sean Ryan for allowing us to tour the castle last May. We appreciated the music and the historical information that Sean shared, and our experience in the “bloody chapel”! (See my comment under hauntings.) We will never forget that memorable day!

  • Dan Quirk:

    Absolutely fantastic! Sean allowed us into his home and gave us time to freely roam about the upstairs, well he stayed downstairs entertaining my elderly handicapped father! Thank you Sean and I would love to come back with my kids and wife someday.

  • Roisin dignan:

    I was wondering if it is possible to have a tour of the castle some time between the 25 and 28 th may. We are a party of three. What is the cost of a tour please.
    Thank you

  • Jill Coulter:

    My Grandmother’s maiden name was O’Bannon. I have been trying to do a family search. Traced her family back to Ireland. Her father was Benjamin O’Bannon. Family settled in Missouri.

  • I have visited Leap Castle twice and have strange happenings. The first time I was in the Bloody Chapel and was taking a lot of photos. I was getting ready to leave Chapel I lead the way to staircase and when going down I came across a very raunchy sulfur smell and then the flame flickered and I felt some thing go right through me. The hair on my arms and neck stood straight up. I have never felt anything like it before. When I was talking to the owner he told me there is one spirit likes to play with girls with blond hair. When I got back to States I found a white orb that was glowing in blond girls hair. Last year I returned last year I took more photos and once again when in chapel I took more pictures and once again I captured orbs. I have used this camera all over Ireland and it is the only place I capture obs. I hope to stop and see Sean and see if I can go 3 for 3. In having something happened to me.

  • leapcast:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for a great account!
    I too have smelt the sulphur when on the stairwell; it the the Elemental I have no doubt.

  • Gayle:

    I would very much like to arrange a visit. I’m in Ireland for a month & don’t want to miss it!
    Thanx so much, Gayle from California

  • Gayle:

    How can I get in touch with Sean to make an appointment??

  • Judy Dyson:

    Mr. Ryan I hope you remember me. My family and I visited with you in July last year. I gave you an American Indian flute. I would like to know if you were able to play it and if you enjoy it? We enjoyed the trip there so much. I never told you while I was there but I received a brush on the cheek twice while you were talking to us. At first I thought it was just my imagination but when I question if I had really felt anything it touch me again. It was not a frightening experience. I told my children after we left. I never felt frighten just like something say hello. I am from Carroll decent. Just thought you might be interested in knowing about my experience. sincerely yours, Judy

  • Jane Shedal:

    Dear Mr. Ryan —

    I will be making a trip of a lifetime (for me) to Ireland, arriving on March 22. I depart on the 28th. I will be spending the first 2 nights at the Fitzpatrick Castle hotel, less than 2 hrs from you. Later on in the week I’ll be staying at Dromoland Castle, just over an hour from you. I wonder, I hope and pray, if you would be so kind as to allow me, my two (older) boys and the one’s girlfriend to visit your incredible home. I have 3 “must-do” things on my list, and visiting your home is #1 on my list. It would be one of my wildest dreams come true. I would love to meet you, hear your stories, and see and absorb all that your home has to offer. And, if we’re really lucky, maybe even hear you play! Thank you for your time and consideration. Jane Shedal

  • leapcast:

    Hi there Jane,

    Definitely contact Sean via his email ir phone. The info can be found on the homepage of this site.
    Kind regards,

  • Hi i am looking into doing a challenge for a very important charity in Tullamore, to raise funds for them as i no they are non government funded.They are very busy Suicide Prevention charity and also have a 24 hour phone line, so i was thinking of new and interesting ways to raise some well needed funds for them.. What we are looking to do is maybe spend the night in the castle or if not then camp on the grounds,following a tour.
    If you could get back to me as soon as you can it would be very much appreciated.

  • leapcast:

    Hi there,
    This is an independent site and Sean’s contact details are homepage of the site.
    Good luck!


  • Christina Byrne:

    Are you operating this web-site and guest book on behalf of the owners of Leap Castle Sean Ryan?


  • leapcast:

    Hi Chris,

    Yes that is essentially correct. I love Leap Castle and started the site as a way to share all ofmy research.
    I do my best to provide contact details and communication for those wishing to visit the castle or ask any further questions.


  • Nico:

    Hi, I visited the castle last Saturday and I took few picture around. Surprisingly I noticed something very strange and unusual in one of the picture. A grey, greenish light coming out of nowhere. I’d like to understand what is it. I’m happy to share, if you contact me I can send you the picture. I’m really interested in hearing your comments

  • leapcast:

    Hi there Nico!
    That sounds fantastic, I’d love to see it!
    You can send it to


  • Joby O'Carroll:

    All Of Ireland is facinating but of course Leap Castle has had me excited for a while, for obvious reasons (being an O’Carroll)
    Visiting here is number 1 on my bucket list

  • Lynelle Rogers:

    My fathers mother has links to the Marsdens and Darbys, both are listed as relations on my family tree. My brother and sister will be visiting Dublin in September and would love to visit Leap Castle for obvious reasons as well. They both live in Australia – very exciting!

  • Brian Robert Darby:

    My birth name Brian Robert d’Esterre O’Carroll Darby (1965 – present, son of Christopher Henry d’Esterre O’Carroll Darby (1932 – present)

  • Patricia:

    We have photos with definite activity on them. We had a wonderful time, even though Sean was not there. His friend Niall (spelling?), was there to great us and was so wonderful and kindly waited for us to do our walk through and was an excellent story teller.

  • Tim Fogarty:

    Hello Sean – I stumbled upon your site quite by accident. I was looking to see if you were to again perform at the Parting Glass in Saratoga Springs, New York in the near future. I will search for that later. I just want to say that you made me, my wife Holly, and our friends David and Pam, but especially my dear friend Fr. George Fleming most welcome when we visited you a few years ago. I hope your daughter got on well at university (she was to enter school soon after our visit). one story to tell readers. while you were on the phone with university you sent us off exploring the upper floors. when we reconvened we remarked about your cat. Frighteningly you said you had no cat. Well, perhaps a previous occupant’s cat ghost roams the castle.
    I hope all is well with you.
    Tim Fogarty, Troy NY

  • Caitlin Hacker:


    My name is Caitlin Hacker and my fiance, Ultan Gallagher, and I are currently planning our wedding in Ireland for June 10, 2017. We are having our reception at Cloughjordan House, but for our ceremony, we have dreamed about doing it at a beautiful castle/ruins location, and we think Leap Castle could be the perfect spot! I would love to get more information about whether or not this is a possibility, and if it is, the possible locations in and around the grounds that we could do it. We are having a relatively small wedding with 120-130 people, and we want our ceremony to be very simple and romantic. We’re obviously aware of the castle’s haunted history but are definitely willing to work around that if all works out. Even the large lawn at the front could be beautiful! If you could get back to me at your earliest convenience I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you so much and I look forward to chatting!

  • leapcast:

    Hi Caitlin,
    You will have to contact Sean directly as this is an independent website.
    His details can be found on the homepage of the website. You may find it easier to find on a device other than a mobile phone.
    Good luck!

  • leapcast:

    Phantom cat sighting! Great!

  • Christina Byrne:

    I’t a real shame that you do not give this web-site over to the owners at Leap Castle. Think how good it would be for them. Are you even passing on the information to the intended owner of Leap Sean?

  • Katie Bingaman:

    Sean, just want to thank you for your warm welcome and access to the castle in April 2017. It meant a lot to me (and my husband Dave)as a Carroll, to see it and be able to walk around in it. You have a lovely wife and I wish you the best in restoring the castle.


    My husband and I visited May 10th, we really enjoyed meeting Sean Ryan and his wife. They are very gracious hosts. Thank you again for letting wonder around and enjoy your property.

  • Anselm Begley:

    You do the O’Carroll clan an injustice. You nor anyone else in this world today knows what happened in Leap Castle. I have a different exploitation for the events surrounding the McMahon’s from my mother’s family, who were Carrolls from Menlouugh, Galway. They were likely related to John Carroll, brother or cousin of Cahir, and based in Birr in Co. Galway. This estate was lost to the English Parson family. Certainly the events the surround Leap Castle lead to the decline of the O’Carroll clan. Unfortunately for us, a piric victory.
    For background of learned of this incident as a result of running into a McMahon as a child in the 1950s, I made friends with a McMahon boy at the beach. For no reason, he wouldn’t speak to me. There was strange behavior by him when we met days later.
    My mother asked his mother what was the problem as we had been good friends and the mother imparted the story you describe.

    My mother was shocked and insisted she’d never heard this story. Upon our return home she contacted her eldest sister and she told us this story the information I relate here.

    Celtic clans voted for their King not like the English who received the custom of primogeniture from the Romans. In Celtic clans it was not a given that the king’s eldest would become the new king. So when Mulronney died the kingship was up for grabs. This is timmony not primogeniture. (You can reference this in the dispute that lead to McBeth killing Dunkin for the same reason.)
    First, the O’Carrolls were a sept. The O’Carrolls were broken up and I believe it may be because in septs unlike clans, legitimate and illegitimate children, to 3 generations, can vote in the election. The bloody chapel was the opening round with the assassination of the elder brother and priest by his own brother, Teghe O’Carroll. Assassinations on family sides continued as the two sides became more violent.
    I can only guess it came to a head and one side hired the McMahon’s to assist. The McMahon’s were not known to be gentle. Please google “Red Mary”, a McMahon who murdered 25 husbands. Not to speak of all McMahon’s, it should not be said that they were more charitable than the O’Carroll’s. The O’Carroll’s knew of who they were working with.
    What I was told is a maid overhead a McMahon saying that once they dispatched half the O’Carroll’s and there was a dinner, they would take the castle. Hearing the threat, Cahir O’Carroll dispatched his family rivals and then dispatched the McMahon’s. Was this by poisoning or throat cutting or in a fight we’ll never know.
    The McMahon’s sought the support of the O’Neal’s – high kings then. When the maid was asked to relate the story she became unglued We’ll never know if she was telling the truth.

    Irregardless, Cahir was in trouble. The castle was attacked. O’Neils, McMahon’s, O’Carroll blood flooded the castle until no one could climb the spiral stairs. Few leaders survived except Cahir’s, Cahir (Charles). The Carroll’s retained the castle.
    Did the O’Carroll’s construct the oubliette? Certainly an 1880’s watch on a dead man was 200 or so years following the departure of the clan. Please do not create recidivist history. I would like to hear a more knowledgeable source of the happenings at Leap before all this is reported as history.

  • leapcast:

    Some fascinating information there, thank you so much for sharing!

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