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  • Kim:

    I would like to book a tour for Aug. can you please email me and let me know how I can go about doing this. I would call but the international rate is much too high. Thank you for your time!

  • patrick moylan:

    I will be making my 18th trip to Ireland in June and never visited or heard of this castle until I read about it in Ireland of the Welcomes. Is a person able to tour the castle? Thanks Patrick Moylan

  • Kelly Hughes:

    We would like to visit the castle the afternoon of 13 June and want to arrange a tour. Group of 4.

    Please let me know if this is workable. Thank You

  • leapcast:

    Dear Kelly,
    This is an independent site. You will have to contact Sean or Anne in regards to a tour. I am sure they will be only too happy to help!

  • Francesca Smith:

    Do you happen to know how to get in contact with Mr Ryan other then phone? I am in Oregon, USA and our times are so off that I don’t want to be rude and call in his evening. I would rather email, if possible.



  • chris Davis:

    hi a friend and i would like to visit the castle in july, do we need to contact anyone???

    thanks in advance,,,looking forward to it!!

  • Casper Spooks:

    Hi all I’m Casper head of Soul Search Ireland paranormal investigating team (ssi)
    (facebook)casper spooks.

    Please contact me if you need any assistants.


    Hi, we would like to visit the castle because we will be near Roscrea the 27 june, so could you provide us the email or the phone number of the owner because it s very hard to find it on internet ?
    Thanks in advance,

  • C Carroll:

    We would love to visit you the next time we visit Ireland. Can you give us contact info for that?
    C Carroll

  • Hello I wanted to know who I need to contact to book a tour in this castle. Is there any phone number or email? Please contact me ASAP on this email:

  • We drove a long way just to see leap castle June 18, 2012. The place looked completely vacant. Not knowing who or where to call, we gave up after knocking. We asked the neighbor for information and she was extremely unfriendly and unhelpful. I was STILL glad that I at least caught a glimpse.

  • P.S. we were visiting from the states. Irish history is fascinating and we visited several castles while there, among them Cashel and Cahir. Leap definitely has a different “feel” about it. Good luck in the restoration. I wish you luck!

  • Michelle Crowther:

    I am a Producer making a series called Hotel Stories for Sky Atlantic & BBC worldwide hosted by the legendary british actor Richard E Grant. We would be very interested in potentially filming at Leap Castle for the series so would welcome the opportunity to discuss our proposal with you.

    My email address is above or my contact number is 07977 432237 or 0207 612 3306.

    I hope to hear from you.

    Best wishes

  • leapcast:

    Dear Michelle,

    I have forwarded your information through to the Ryans.
    Thank you so much for contacting!

  • Heather:

    If I want to visit this castle tomorrow, what do I do?

  • Margaret Rossiter:

    We visited the Leap Castle on July 3rd, 2012. Our family name is Carroll. We captured some great photos. Many orbs and in two pics there is a definate spirit in the group. Thank you for a wonderful and informative evening.

  • James Culpen:

    Hello Sean,

    My wife and I will be in Ireland later this month. Is the castle available for overnight tours?


  • Andrew Dunne:

    Hi.. I would like visit Leap Castle in the coming weeks. Was wondering how much per person and do I have to booked in advance.

    Many Thanks


    My phone number is 0852087065

  • After visiting Leap Castle in June, I spent some time searching through my photos. I have a photo that, upon enlargement, looks as if there is a man in the upper right window wearing an Elizabethan cap peering out the window. I only found this by chance when expanding photos on my iPad. Has anyone else reported this?

  • stepahnie mcgovern:

    hi .. i was wondering if u could have a over night stay at leap castle me and two other would like to have thee experiance .. if this is posible how much would it be would would like to do it soon enough we only live a hour away if u could get in contact it would be much apreatied thankyou

  • Amelie Gervais:

    My husband and i would like to visit the castle in the 1st week of August. Could I get a contact name/email to book a reservation?

    Many thanks!

  • john flanagan:

    Hi My son Stephen has always wanted to visit the castle we live in Dublin Is itpossible to get a tour could you please advise
    Many thanks

    John Flanagan

  • Rachel Gawlikowski:

    My family, a group of 4, will be in Ireland on the 24th and 25th of July, coming up in a few short days. When could we schedule a tour? Thank you.

  • Valerie Peake:

    Hi we would like information on touring the castle and also if it is possible to stay there overnight sometime this week?
    Kind regards
    Val and Gordon

  • Stephen:

    Hi just wondering how much a weekday visit would be in the next month if possible? Have been looking to see the castle for a while

  • Hello, I am traeling with a small group of 17 people in late October and would like to arrange a tour of Leap Castle if at all possible? We would be in ireland from 10/25-11/2 please let me know if possible and what the cost would be.
    Thanks so much I look forward to hearing from you!
    Marie O’Neil
    PEF Travel
    Albany, NY USA

  • Ciara Benstead:

    Hello there,
    Myself and 3 friends are planning a roadtrip for late July 2013. This sort of thing is right up our street! I was wondering whether it would be possible for us to visit? Also what are the fees and is there any way there’s an over night stay?

  • Kristen Gottschalk:

    My daughter and I will be visiting Ireland in October(18-27) and a visit to Leap Castle is something we would very much like to do.. How do we go about making arrangements, if it is even possible? Thank you for your reply.

  • john flanagan:

    Hi both myself and my son would love to see the castle is there a tour available if so please email me or phone 0876511691.

    john flanagan

  • Shannon Martin:

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Ireland, I hope we can make Leap Castle one of our stops!

  • Alice Mulligan:

    Had a wonderful visit to Leap Castle on August 14. Thank you, Sean.

  • Cheryl Bannon:

    My husband who descended we think from the O ‘Bannons who built the castle will be there next April and are wondering how we
    Could set up a tour?
    Thank you.

  • Tammy:

    We would. Love to visit leap castle in may of 2014 -how do we arrange a tour?

  • Shannon Family:

    I am reading about all the terrific reviews on the wonderful castle, and am hoping to arrange visit for or trip in a couple weeks. I understand the owner and host is also one of Ireland’s truly kind and hospitable persons. This will be our third visit to Ireland, and we so look forward in learning all about the land from which our fathers came.
    I do hope to make this a stop on our family tour.

  • Rosemary:


    I hope you are well. Four of us were hoping to come and tour the castle the afternoon of September 26th. Do you have any availability?

    Thank you so much!


  • Tricia Biery:

    Dear Sir,
    My family and I are visiting Ireland April 25th thru May 4th, 2014. My husband’s grandmother’s maiden name is Darby. Although we don’t believe they are directly related to the past occupants of your home, we would very much like to visit you while we are there.
    I look forward to hearing from you and wish you many Blessings.
    Thank You,
    Tricia Biery

  • Amber:

    My friend and I will be in Ireland next week. We would love to come tour your castle and hear some history. Would this be an option Sept 27, in the afternoon? Thanks!

  • Dee Stample:

    Good Morning,
    We are traveling to Ireland the end of October and the first week of Novemeber. My husband and I would be honered to hear your stories and visit this amazing place. Please let me know if you are still accepting visits and when is convenient for you and yours.
    Kindest Regards

  • Robert Hilton:

    Hello! I’d like to see about booking a tour for early November. Would you be able to email me and let me know the process? Thanks!

  • Trevor:

    My girlfriend and I will be traveling from Sweden and will be coming through the area on Wednesday October 30th. We are making a detour on our way between Dublin a end Donegal with the hope of seeing the castle. It would be fantastic if we could organise a tour. My girlfriend is extremely interested in the supernatural and I know she would love to hear the stories and history surrounding the castle. This also coincides with 10 years since we met and I was hoping this would be a perfect surprise for her…

    Thanks Trevor

  • Roisin Coleman:

    Hi, I’m just wondering how we can book in for a visit? It would be an experience to remember. Thank you.

  • We haven’t been there, yet, but plan to the first weekend of August in 2014. Was hoping to get a tour and inquiring about the cost of the tour. In addition, I heard a rumor that owner was a reknown pennywhistler. Was also hoping to sit on a couple of songs with my bodran.

  • Tammy O'Banion:

    I read a comment that someone was allowed to take wedding photos at the castle. My hubby and I were hoping to have a small vow renewal ceremony there. It’s his dream to visit and soak in his heritage, and I can’t think of a better place. Do you know if this is ever allowed? We ‘re looking at Spring 2015. Thanks!!

  • Mark O'Shaughnessy:

    Sean – thanks again for allowing us in your home and to tour Leap Castle. Julie, Madighan, Brody and I all really enjoyed our visit on Nov 29. We wish it could have been longer, but that’s how it is with the little ones. Good luck with future renovations!

    All the best,


  • Any chance of a paranormal investigation of the castle if so we would like to book …

  • Mary Ann Thompson:

    Dear Mr. Ryan,
    My son, daughter-in-law, and I will be visiting Ireland and will be near Leap Castle on Saturday, May 24, and would very much like to visit Leap Castle. If May 24 is not convenient, we could alter our plans and visit on May 24. We look forward to our visit to Ireland and, especially, to Leap Castle.

    (This is the third email I have sent and have received no response. I also got five different phone numbers and don’t know which is the correct one. I hope this message gets through.)

    Mary Ann Thompson

  • Amy Renwanz:

    My husband and I will be visiting Ireland in May, and we would like to arrange a tour of Castle Leap. Could you please provide me with the e-mail address of the owners, or forward my e-mail address on to them? Thank you!

  • James S. Carroll:


  • hi, we will be traveling in Oct.of 2014. there is 4 of us that would love a tour of Leap Castle.Can you get back to us to see if you are open. thank you marci

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