3D Rendering of Leap Castle 1500’s

The North Eastern View shows an interpretation of what Leap Castle may have looked like before the addition of the Gothic Wings.

The North Western View details the original windows, typical of a Towerhouse.  The lower window was later enlarged during the Gothic remodelling of the mid 1700’s. 

The South Western View details the orignal entrance to the tower situated on the Southern wall.  During the remodelling the original level of the first floor was raised putting this doorway at cellar level.

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  • This is a fantastic post about homerenovation.I really enjoyed it and have subscribed to your blog’sfeed.

  • I have just had a trip of a lifetime around Southern Ireland and been back half a day when i saw this and its a really good 3d look of Leap, I did a ghost hunt there Saturday/Sunday with some friends of ours we went on holiday with and i am a medium and hubby a sensitive and we have our own website of our evidence and useful info when going on all night ghosthunts, which we have just launched, evidence is being added weekly and all the evidence we gathered from Leap, will be online shortly at http://www.ghostsearchers.co.uk……….however, i was outside the castle and was seeing pictures of how it would have looked in the day and your model is very realistic to what i was seeing in my psychic sight, so well done you and i hope you pop by sometime in the future to see what we caught, i have already found 2 very good E.V.P’s (electronic voice phenomena)for those of your readers who don’t know what that is and they are ……..well………very freaky and spine chilling, more to come!! catch up soon

  • leapcast:

    Astralvick, thank you so much for your kind comments. I am glad you like the images. I too have done much meditation and channelling of Leap’s energy and have seen it in many forms during it’s amazing history.

    I will post some more images that include the Priest’s House. The design is still unfinished as there is several anomalies with the roof. The Priest’s House was renovated many times with the inclusion of addition floor space. I think the roof would have looked very beautiful.

    I can’t wait to hear about your findings, please keep me in the loop with any of your insights!

  • Corrienna:

    I’ve been reading through your website and I must say, it’s wicked!
    I love all the information you have, it gives a great over view for potential vistors. I’m from canada and planning a two week round trip of my own “ghost hunting” of Ireland in April 2012, with a few friends. I’m excited now to visit Leap Castle, I was before, but now I’m even more stoked. Great job!! I do have one question (it maybe answered on a page I havent read yet) but, can visitors have the oportunity to spend the night?

    And Astralvick, I checked out your page, heads up for anyone wanting to check it out, exclude the “…….however” in the url or else the link won’t work. I enjoyed reading a bit on your page, but unfortinatley your links to the EVP’s for Leap castle do not work. They are just “typed print” on the page 🙁 I was looking forword to listening to them. As well, the link for the flash player video comes back with “access denied” page. Please, do you have any other links these may be on so I can see/ listen to them?

    GREAT work every one 🙂

  • leapcast:

    Thanks a lot for the kind words! The castle is very special to me and I do all I can to compile rare and accurate information.

    Spending the night at Leap would be decided purely by the Ryans’s as it is their home and are extremely generous to allow the sheer number of visitors to visit their amazing place!

  • Brigitte:

    i like leap castle i don’t think it should be remodeled

  • leapcast:

    The castle isn’t getting remodeled.
    This is the tower before the Gothic wings were added.

  • G’day! I’m living in Brisbane Australia. I’m 48yrs. I’ve just found a family tree written by a Grandma. In it she names an ancestor of ours from Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland. My ancestor was called Hannah Adams, daughter of William Adams. William Adams senior was born 1800 and lived til he was 106 yrs apparantly. On Hannah’s first marriage certificate to a bloke name George Paragreen.. her Father was listed as games keeper of Tullamore Castle. Would it have been this castle? If it is possible.. do you think there may be a record of my ancestor there somewhere? Some time after.. William Adams was listed as being a publican in Tullamore also. Is it possible that my ancestor was recorded anywhere there? It’s a beaut looking castle anyway! I look forward to hearing from ya! I won’t be disappointed if there’s nothing about him.. but i thought i’d give it a go! Best Wishes to ya! Brett from Brisbane, Australia.

  • April:

    Leap was built by my family, the O ‘Bannons who were secondary Chieftans of the O’Carrols. How is this not it your history?

  • gayle:

    I am living in Ireland for a year (from California), on a quest to see all 3500 castles – if I can.
    So many are on private property & I have to beg & borrow to get them to let me on. Bishop’s Palace in Raphoe is a good example.
    Is Leap Castle open to the public?
    Thanks so much for your reply!

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