The Ryans

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  • Jim Gilchrist:

    Hello Sean,

    You probably won;t get this in time, but just in case … I’m Kathleen Loughnane’s brother-in-law, and we’ve just remembered, rather late in the day, that it’s Cormac and Breda’s wedding at your castle today. Could you or Paul Cannon perhaps read this brief message out at the reception …

    Thanks a lot,
    Jim Gilchrist

    “Cormac and Breda, you’re both very much in our thoughts today. All best wishes for the future and the happiest of lives together, from all of us in Edinburgh.

    from Jim and Anne, Jamie, Orna (and Maeve in Boston)”

    Jim Gilchrist

    0771 8700 696
    0131 669 8235

    10 Pittville Street,
    EH15 2BY.

  • leapcast:

    Jim you will happy to know that I have passed the message on to Sean and everything will go acording to plan!
    The weather is great and the day is going to be fantastic!
    What a perfect location for a wedding!

    Nic – Site Moderator

  • Brian and Tom from California:

    Hello Sean,

    Tom and myself came to see you a couple weeks ago and I wanted to say we greatly appreciate all you did for us.
    We feel we were given an opportunity that not many get to have and we thank you. We will be in touch via. your email
    as well soon with some pictures. Hello to your wife and thank her again for the great soup…

    Brian and Tom

  • Hi Sean.
    My name is Declan and i am the founder of an irish ghost hunting group and and have read a geat deal on leap castle and would greatly appreciate it if you could allow us to access to your wonderful castle to do a survey,we use all high tec equipment ie.emf detectors,digital thermometers and infa red cameras,etc all our findings will not be published but may (at your discreation)be used on our upcoming website,we are a very professional group and would welcome any ideas or input you may have.maybe you could let me know at your earliest convenience,thank you for your time.
    Declan Byrne

  • leapcast:

    Hi Sean,

    You would have to contact Sean directly via phone to arrange a visit. I am sure he will be most welcoming.
    I would also love to hear about your investigation results!


  • Maria:

    How to i make a booking for an overnight stay at your castle.

    Many thanks,
    Maria Kennedy

  • Maureen Jensen:

    My husband and I would really like to visit Leap Castle while we are here in Ireland on holiday, however, we dont have a phone is there another way to get in contact to see about a tour of the castle? Or are there regular tours? I realize I am asking last minute but we realize we have enough time to fit in the visit and would really love to be able to do so! We have until about the 28th of Sept to visit. Many thanks for any help you can give me!

  • leapcast:

    This site is run independently (from Australia!) so I don’t speak to the Ryans very frequently.
    The phone is the best method of contact…….perhaps use a payphone or hotel phone service? It is REALLY worth the visit!

  • Maureen Jensen:

    I was wondering if you could give me the number to call, as i have found at least 3 different numbers so far! Each of my guide books has a different number! Lol

  • stefania:

    i found Sean Ryan’s phone number! here is it: 00353579131115! i’ve called him today and tomorrow i will visit the Leap Castle!I can’t wait to go there! i think that it will be an unique experinece and i think that i will overcome the fear of ghosts!

  • Lisa:

    I have heard so much about Leap Castle, would love to visit it. Are there tours of the castle? If so, how do I book spaces on it?

  • Spencer:

    Hello there. I know this tidbit of information is irrelevant, but I am of Irish ancestry. I was wondering if Mr. Ryan has personally had any encounters with the spirits of Leap Castle. Thank you very much.

  • Marge Shannon:

    Hi Sean, My family and I leave tomorrow for our first visit to Ireland. We will be there one week. I so want to see the leap Castle as I am of the Carroll family and just want to see where I came from. The story is horrific and I am not proud of past behavior but we are such a loving and nurturing family that it is so hard to believe that we could have this past. I am glad we changed. So, if you can see your way to giving me just 30 minutes I would be grateful. Thank you for your consideration. Margaret Shannon

  • Francesca Smith:

    Does anyone know how to contact Mr Ryan? I had an email address but it is apparently no longer valid. I saw a phone number but we are off by 8 hours and I don’t want to be rude and call in his evening time. Any help would be great as we are leaving for Ireland on the 15th. Yay!

    Thank you,

    Franncesca Smith

  • Susan Dunne:

    Hi, I’d be very grateful if you could let me know how you go about booking a tour of leap castle

    Thank you for your help


  • hello, wanted to check out leap castle
    is this a paid tour or free to roam.

    thank you

  • Donna Miazga:

    Is there an email address that I can use to set up a tour of Leap?
    We are looking at being in the area on June 22 or 23, 2015.
    Thank you!

  • Dominique:

    Good day, Mr. Ryan!

    I am an O’Carroll clan descendant living in Maryland, USA and I’m finally able to come to Ireland to see some of our family roots. My fiancĂ© Joe (the Kinbane castle was his family’s) and I are coming for our honeymoon in early September.

    Is there any possible way to visit Leap Castle if even for a moment? We could be in the area on September 8 or 9, possibly the 10th.

    Thank you for restoring and reviving the generations of life and stories within those walls. How special.


  • I hope when the history of the Ryans is published it will include the stories of Guy Davis performing there in August 2015. It was an awesome, memorable night, complete with special guests in the audience, The Burns Sisters and writer Gerry Quinn, as well as my own experiences with your ‘magical’ residents. Yikes !

    We had the most marvelous time and hope we can return again for good music, great food, and wonderful hosts and guests.

    Best wishes to all who visit Leap Castle !

    Thom Wolke
    manager: Guy Davis – acoustic Blues musician

  • Vlaerie Watson:

    My name is Valerie and I’m a student of archaeology from the United States! It says in your description that bones were discovered in the dungeon area. Did anyone do any research on the bones?

  • leapcast:

    Hi Valerie!
    I have never heard of the bones being analysed but would love to know more!

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